Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Toppers on a Budget

Today we are going to get in touch with our inner groovy with two cool projects for tree toppers. I am always trying new things for the tops of my trees. In fact, I am a firm believer that you can wire just about anything to a tree. 

Of course, I am early with my decorating because I have a new puppy coming Sunday so I am "nesting" getting things done because once my little Lola comes I know that I will be focused on her. So don't be casting stones at me for my early decorating because I am a very thankful person and a firm believer that Thanksgiving deserves November. 

First of all, I wanted an initial on my living room tree. If you have priced initials lately, you need a loan to get one. Well, I went to the dollar store and purchased a piece of foam board, printed a letter "A" in the font I wanted, traced it on the foam board and cut it out with a knife. 
It may have been easier if I had used an exacto knife but I didn't have one so I used what I had. In some spots I had to cut a little on the back to make sure it was completely cut out. Here is my finished letter. 
I set it in the top of my tree and VIOLA!  A $1 tree topper!
Are you thinking you can't do it?
Try it!!  It will cost you a dollar to try!  Get in touch with your inner groovy!

Second, my bonus room tree has a winter theme this year so I wanted a snowman on top. I got a piece of white fabric, put some stuffing in the middle of it,
Gathered up the fabric around the stuffing and tied it up at the bottom. 
Shape the stuffing after you tie it off. Then stick a dowel rod down into the hole where it is tied off. 
Trim the extra fabric. Don't be technical, just whack it off. 
Then cut eyes and nose and mouth out of felt. Hot glue it on the head. 
I bought the hat at Target in the dollar spot. I hot glued the hat on and wired the head to the top of my tree.
Then I wrapped some red deco mesh for a scarf but you could use a real scarf too. Viola!!  
Another great tree topped for under $5!  Now get off the computer and go make something fabulous!!

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