Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I love tattoos. I don't have a single one and I would not get one. There are several reasons why I would't get one. First is that I never could decide what I would want to have for the rest of my life. I think if I like to rearrange my furniture I would decide that I don't like my tattoo anymore and it would be permanent. I also would never get one out of respect for my mother. She would flip if I got one. 

But I really like certain tattoos and people who are covered up in them don't scare me. I like their company. Some of the nicest people I know are covered in tattoos. If you turned my skin inside out I am covered in tattoos too. I think they are cool. Something that bothers me lately is that I think we are judgemental towards those who have a lot of tattoos. This trendy look of 2000 will be what the generation of war veterans who are now in their 70's-90's who have the pin up girl on their forearm or the Marine Coat of Arms on their bicep. It's normal to see an elderly man with their military tattoo. So many have them. The same will be true of the tattoo styles of today. It will be normal to see a heavily tattooed elderly person because many folks will be in that catagory in 30-50 years. 

Tattooing is also keeping our artists employed and making money. Artists have difficulty finding steady work and income. Their canvas is skin. Some tattoo artists may have been starving artists if not for the trend of tattoos. 
I am suggesting that we refrain from passing judgement on people who have tattoos nowadays. Most of them are the nicest people out there. And some of the most judgemental people fill our church pews on Sunday. If Jesus came back today I am convinced he would not darken the door of the church building. He would be in the tattoo parlors and on the streets mingling with the people, the lost. Not suggesting tattooed people are lost, just saying that I think Jesus would be out among the people instead of filling the church pews. Maybe we should be more like Jesus and mingle among the people in addition to worshipping with the congregation. 

May we all be less judgemental today.  Thank you for reading my blog. Please subscribe in the box to the right to receive updates when I write a new blog. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm Not Valerie

I was going through the checkout and noticed the front page of a magazine. It showed Valerie Bettinelli now and a year or so ago. She was a spokesperson for Jenni Craig and did commercials for them for a few years. Yes, she looked great in the bikini picture. But I am suggesting she looks great now. 
That picture of now is not the most flattering picture that was ever taken. But I have been thin and fat and in both conditions I have had photos taken that were flattering and ones that weren't. 

I am certainly glad that I am not Valerie. I have gained some weight back this past year and I am so glad that my picture isn't plastered in the checkout reading "Jennifer Gained 50 Pounds".  The truth is that last year when I was so thin I felt horrible. I liked the way I looked but I was feeling poorly because I didn't have enough nutrients and fat to sustain that thin weight. When I started eating normally again, I felt so much better. And I gained weight. Just like Valerie. 

I saw Valerie on a daytime television show a couple of days ago and she addressed her weight gain with the host. She talked about how much better she felt and how her age played a role in her size at this juncture in her life. Me too. She said that she felt like her new role would be to be a spokesperson or a voice to women who are middle aged and happy with their bodies. Me too. 

Everyone, no matter what the age or body size can find clothing that is flattering and looks good on them. Some styles just don't work for tall people. Some styles don't work for short people. Some styles don't work for overweight or thin people. 

I am Valerie. I am the person who is happy with who she is today. Making healthy eating choices and exercising regularly. If I am heavier with that lifestyle then I can embrace it and be happy with myself. Truth is, no one really looks stellar in a bathing suit. Not normal people anyway. Sure, there are some attractive people who look good in a swimsuit but the majority of regular people look better with clothes on. Flattering clothes. My opinion, doesn't have to be yours. 

Let's embrace the body we have. Love ourselves for who God made us to be. Let us make healthy choices and move more. Let us embrace healthy. Healthy is the new thin. I have made the mistake of thinking "Oh if I could wear size 6 jeans I would be happy". Truth is I am just as happy now as I was wearing size 6 jeans. Happiness is not attached to numbers. It is from within. An attitude of people who focus on God and not man's standards. 

Have a fabulous day!  Please consider me to speak at your next event and thanks so much or reading my blog!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Recipe and a New Title

I looked up the qualifications for the coveted Wife of the Year award and one of the criteria is "make homemade pimento cheese salad while your husband recovers from surgery". 

Well my husband loves pimento cheese and I do not share his adoration for the spread. Me and Mrs. Grissom are not friends. But, I made him some homemade spread today and he loves it. So if you were in the running for wife of the year, the race is over. I got it in one quick swoop with a recipe for some stuff to spread on bread. If you are a pimento cheese fan, try this one:

2 cups extra sharp grated cheddar cheese(I bought block and grated it myself)
1 block softened cream cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise 
1   4 oz jar pimentos drained
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp onion powder
Salt and paper to taste

Mix all together with a mixer on low speed until blended.  Spread on bread or crackers and enjoy!
Now this is how I feel about pimento cheese:
But my husband was quite happy about it. Try my recipe and let me know what you think!

Wife of the Year