Friday, December 4, 2015

Yay! A Delay!!

Last night I had the best time with some friends at a craft night. We painted a piece of reclaimed wood for the holiday. So fun to enjoy some fellowship, painting therapy, and snacks. 
All good things come to an end, and I went to my car to go home. No keys. Went back in the house and looked for them, maybe they were on the bed where we all layed our coats. Nope. 

There they sat-on the seat of the car. The locked car. Hmmm, locked my keys in the car. Nice. After over an hour of trying to jimmy the door to no avail, a locksmith was called. $70 later, we are on our way. I think we all should become locksmiths. $70 for 2 minutes of time is pretty good money. 

I felt bad for my passengers who had to wait patiently for me to get the door opened back up, but I never got mad or upset. When I am delayed in traffic, because I locked my keys in the car, because one of my children needed to talk to me about something before I leave, whatever the reason for my delay, I don't get mad about it. I pray. I thank God for the delay. Why?  Well, I feel like the Holy Spirit is delaying me from something I don't need to get involved in. Protecting me from disaster. Protecting me from harm. Maybe we would have had a wreck if we left when we planned last night. Maybe my husband needed some extra alone time with the kids last night. Maybe my college daughter needed to just stay at home last night instead of driving back to her apartment. Regardless of the reason I was delayed, I am always grateful because I know God has my back. I'm grateful that he has my best interests in mind and takes care of me. Who am I to Question his timing for my life-to get mad at the delay?  To fuss about being a stuck in traffic. Maybe God wants us in traffic so we can spend a few uninterrupted minutes with Him. 

Delay?  YAY!!  May we all rejoice in our delays, for they give God time to mold us into more faithful people of we trust that He is in control. Jesus take the wheel. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I love your feedback!

  Enjoy the Christmas season!