Monday, December 31, 2018

Goals vs. Resolutions

Happy New Year, Readers!

I have written blog posts on my philosophies on New Year's Resolutions.  If you missed that, the summary is that I don't make new Year's resolutions because if there is something I want to change about myself, God gives me a new day, new hour, new minute, or new second to change something about myself.

This past week, I led a discussion with a group of elderly people.  We discussed New Year's Resolutions and what the most common ones are.  Of course, number one was losing weight.  The funny thing about that resolution is that it isn't a resolution at all.  It is a goal.  During our discussion, we began to wonder what the difference in resolutions and goals.  So I looked it up.  Resolutions are permanent changes to your life that you will keep doing every day and not just until a specific achievement is reached.  Goals involve specific achievements.  Goals can be tracked and accomplished.  Goals are real, actionable, trackable plans.  Resolutions are hopes.  Goals are plans.

Losing weight, going to the gym three times per week, reading the Bible through in a year, running a marathon, etc, are all goals.  They are finite.  They are achievements that are trackable and with a reward with the accomplishment.

Being mindful, being present, caring enough about yourself to limit sweets, cultivating joy in everyday life-these are resolutions.  You may want to lose 10 pounds but it isn't about fitting into skinny jeans.  Fitting into skinny jeans is a goal.  A resolution is to eat healthier because you love yourself.    Being more patient, kind, gentle, good, loving, joyous, being at peace, more faithful, trusting, and acting with self control are all resolutions.  They do not have a measure of achievement like goals do.  Fitting into your skinny jeans is not a sign of inner peace.

There is nothing wrong with goals OR resolutions and I think that both have their place in each of our lives.  It was just interesting to me that the majority of common resolutions are not resolutions at all.  They are goals.  What are your goals and resolutions for 2019?

May you all be blessed in the new year!