Thursday, June 20, 2019

Embracing Thistles

Thistle is a very invasive weed. A neusance. It’s nearly impossible to get rid of it without digging up the root. You surely can’t just pull them up. They are ugly. Have prickles all over then that hurt when you touch them. But if you let a thistle grow to maturity, it produces the most gorgeous intricate bloom that is fantastic to observe. 

Have you met someone who is a thistle?  A weed that is invasive and sticks people if you touch them?  Have you met anyone who is ugly?  Someone who needs to be dug up from your life or they will continue to contaminate and stick those around them?  Some thistles need to be dug up from your life. Others need to be left alone or coached to maturity until they reach a point where they can produce a beautiful bloom as a reward for working hard to mature. I’m sure glad God didn’t give up on me when I was invasive, sticky, and full of prickles. I’m glad God let me grow and learn until I could produce a beautiful bloom. 

We all have a history. We all have prickly, invasive eras of our lives where we were weeds in the field of society. Yet, God was patient with us and allowed us to grow and mature until we could produce beautiful blooms that came from prickles. And when we mature, we still can see our needles that pricked others in our infancy, but the focus is our bloom. Our flower. Our beauty that shines through the stickers. We are not defined by our invasiveness. Instead we are defined by the flower we produce. The stickers got us to the bloom. Never regret the past. We did exactly what we wanted at the time. Instead, appreciate the prickles that grew you into a beautiful bloom. 

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